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Who We Are

Schuyler Editorial Services is the outgrowth of several years working as a writer and editor. Owned and managed by Schuyler Hoffman since 2002, SES provides a variety of editorial and writing services  for international companies and individuals.

An interest that began as a journalist in high school and two years as editor for the school newspaper carried through his legal education and work to writing and editing newsletters and books as well as freelance editing for journalists and Internet content providers.

In addition to focusing on critical thinking, the study of law emphasizes development of research and writing skills. Schuyler developed those skills further during several years practicing law. His knowledge of law and the legal system give him expert insight into writing and editing for legal journals and publications.

A love of France and an ideal opportunity combined and resulted in living and working in Paris for more than a year. During this time he wrote and edited a number of newsletters on life in France and the real estate market there. Since returning to the States, Schuyler continues to update, write and edit books and newsletters on Europe.

Readers of his newsletters, recognizing his abilities, contacted him and began utilizing his skills to help them with their writing projects. These ranged from articles for publication in the news media and popular magazines and articles for legal journals and publications to editing and proofing copy for Web sites and high tech publications.

An innate sense of style and grammar coupled with education and experience give Schuyler a particular affinity for producing first class documents. His sensitivity to every writer's voice make him a first choice editor for novice and experienced writers alike.

The menu to the left will lead you to further descriptions of the services we are able to provide and the rates for those services.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Schuyler Editorial Services for your next project!

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